Cyber Security

Cyber Security

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Knowing the important parts of cyber-security is very handy. The majority of us use computers, so it’s vital we know how to keep our data safe. This course is all about that. We’ll give a great, comprehensive overview of the cyber-security landscape. You’ll come away with an understanding of how people can stay protected. This course is in 7 lessons and comprehensively covers the basics of cyber security, cloud computing, forensic investigations and ransomware.

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Material Includes

  • Basics
  • The state of cybersecurity The cybersecurity field’s key influences and issues The fundamental security principles that underpin cybersecurity
  • Cloud Computing
  • What the Cloud actually is, and its different storage variations Context relating to cloud security risks, and different type of attacks What you can do to protect yourself
  • Computer Forensics - Investigations
  • Who uses computer forensics, and their processes? Why deleting data is not always straight-forward, with examples What automated investigating is, and how data can be retrieved this way
  • Introduction to Ransomware
  • Information Security Cybersecurity Encryption How to protect your data Preventing attacks
  • Ransomware and Cybercrime
  • The explaination of what constitutes Cybercrime, and different types of it Details of the WannaCry Attack of 2017, the most severe Ransomware attack to date An understanding of how thousands of people could have avoided the attack
  • Ransomware Prevention - Preventing Attacks and Contingency
  • In-depth prevention tips Contingency Plan Reporting the attack
  • Types of Ransomware, Acts and Obligations
  • Different types of Ransomware - Scareware, Screen Lockers, and Encrypting Ransomware Data Protection Act 1998 Client Contractual Obligations ISO 27001 Compliance Preventing attacks