Information Technology

Information Technology

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Computers and the internet are at the centre of modern life. In fact, in western society it is almost impossible to get by without having a basic understanding of IT. For many years, employers have insisted that job candidates are computer literate. However as a nationwide switch to digital systems seems to be underway, we are beginning to need IT skills outside the office as well. Consisting of eight informative digital modules, this programme teaches learndirect students everything they need to know about spreadsheets, databases, operation systems, security and much more.
Who should study this course? This home learning qualification has been specifically designed for individuals who are looking to develop their IT abilities. Whether they plan to use their new skills at home, in the workplace, or as a basis for further study, this course can set them on their way. Students are not required to have any IT skills or qualifications before they enrol on this course. However, if they do plan to study the material online, we would recommend that they have a basic knowledge of computers first.

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Material Includes

  • Module One: Information Systems
  • Unit One: What is Information Technology? Unit Two: The Flow of Data Unit Three: System Flowcharts
  • Module Two: Data Collection and Validation
  • Unit Four: Data Collection Unit Five: Input Peripherals Unit Six: Data Validation
  • Module Three: Data Storage and Security
  • Unit Seven: Data Storage Unit Eight: Data Security
  • Module Four: Data Processing and Output
  • Unit Nine: Data Processing Unit Ten: Presenting Information
  • Module Five: The Operating Environment
  • Unit Eleven: Introduction to Software Unit Twelve: Operating Systems Unit Thirteen: Communication Unit Fourteen: The System Life Cycle
  • Module Six: Applications Software
  • Unit Fifteen: Word Processing Unit Sixteen: Graphics Packages Unit Seventeen: Desk-top Publishing Unit Eighteen: Spreadsheets Unit Nineteen: Databases Unit Twenty: Modelling
  • Module Seven: Information Systems in Society
  • Unit 21: Information Technology in Society Unit 22: Communications in Society Unit 23: The Data Protection Act Unit 24: Computers and Crime
  • Module Eight: Project Work
  • Unit 25: Your Project