Powerpoint 2016 Advanced

Powerpoint 2016 Advanced

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You’re about to be respected, nay revered, for your presentations. The question is – are you ready? Your presentations will not only have your peers and colleagues engaged, it’ll darn well inspire them. Picture this: you’re walking down the hallway. ‘Hey! There’s the person with the amazing PowerPoints!’ someone shouts. ‘How do they manage to make them so slick?’ you hear another cry. Wow. You’ve built up quite a reputation. And it all started with this advanced course. This training is not an intro. It’s a journey to the advanced corners of PowerPoint 2016, and we’re going to delve right in. So prepare yourself – you’re about to become a legend. We know you want to learn all about PowerPoint 2016, but we also know that your time is precious. That’s the exact reason we’ve created these courses in such small chunks, so you can dip in and out when it suits you. You can spend as little as 3 minutes learning something new, or refresh your memory if you’ve simply forgotten something. Or, if you’ve got a little more time available, you could start to crack through one of the courses on your journey to becoming a PowerPoint Wizard – supercharging your efficiency and career.

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Material Includes

  • Exporting & Packaging Up
  • Language Options
  • Slide Masters
  • Adding Video
  • Editing Video
  • Presenting Online to Others